SK Group work success


Paradise is where you are. This is Paradise City, an awe inspiring project of S.K.N trust, a brainchild of high-dimensional and veteran Mr. S.K Niazi.

Mr. S.K Niazi is a high powered and dynamic person. His acumen ranges a wide spectrum from social work to Media House. With his aptness and assiduity, he has found himself charting new frontiers.
Chairman S.K.Niazi was in London perusing his studies with his uncle Dr. Zafar Khan Niazi. At that time benazeer Bhutto used to visit Dr. Zafar Niazi because Dr. Zafar had to leave Pakistan amidst immense pressure in Zia era as he was a close friend of Z.A.Bhutto.

The destiny was actually shaped in those meetings wherein it was suggested that S.K. Niazi should go back home and work for the national cause of Pakistan.Dr. A.Q.Khan himself who took Mr.S.K.NiaziIt was Dr. A.Q.Khan himself who took Mr.S.K.Niazi with him on his helicopter to visit many places including kahuta , paswal ( still a restricted area), and a location in Nogazzi and Badhana. This third one is now destined to be the site of Paradise City.

Dr.A.Q.Khan revealed an interesting part attached to this project that tells us how the fate works. Dr.A.Q Khan reveals that when he was looking for a proper site for Nuclear Program, an aviation major Hidayatullah khan took him to this place as well but it was not selected because it was very near to the city. That aviation Major later on became Major General ,a war veteran and was awarded Sitara e Jurat for his bravery in 1965 war.Late Major general Hidayatullah khan was father in law of S.K.Niazi.The foundation of SK (Pvt.) Ltd.

was laid by Gulam Hassan Khan Niazi (Father of Sardar Khan Niazi).After his death the baton of leadership of the organization was passed over to Mr. Sardar Khan Niazi in 1982. Mr. Sardar Khan Niazi from the very outset had great plans for his company; therefore he immediately took the decision of diversifying in to the field of construction and defense equipment supplies! Remaining true to his challenging personality, he took on the enormous challenges of constructing black cat run ways at the airports.

He at the same time also ventured in to the highly competitive world of defense equipment supplies. Upon achieving excellence in his chosen fields of operation, Mr. Sardar Khan Niazi decided to turn a small company founded by his father in to a Group of Companies, and this led to the foundation of SK History Group.S.K.

Niazi Charity ProjectA big charity project with a wonderful housing sector was the dream of S.K. Niazi .This dream has now come true as the same has been inaugurated by a special child of the locality.

The site proposed for Paradise City has a historical importance. Sher Shah Soori passed through this trail and was stationed here on a military campaign.
The Paradise City is a dream of these legends and that was a moment of pride when a brilliant special child Muhammad Adil inaugurated it in the presence of MD Rafay Mall and ROZE NEWS , Mr. Abdurrafay Khan Niazi , Chairman Haji Gul Zameer , Mr.Hafeez Tipu and Mr.Omar.
The inauguration itself has a history. Initially it was decided that Dr.A.Q.khan will inaugurate it, then we decided that on his arrival in Pakistan , Imam e Kaaba should be requested to inaugurate it but as there were some procedural delay on the part of government in terms of approval , the inauguration was delayed.Dr.A.Q.Khan had a special attachment to this project.

Dr.A.Q.Khan had a special attachment to this project. He was always desirous to build a hospital in Paradise City but now he has left for heavenly abode and we are here to make that dream true , Inshaallah.It consists of three sectors F / 16: F / 17 and G / 17. It is located in Zone Two of Islamabad. Thanks to the Mother Nature, there is an abundance of ground water. This is the ultimate destination of everyone dreaming for an ideal life. Paradise City is not a corporate entity; it is a mission.

It is dedication to serve the mankind. It will be working under a code of ethics as our Media House is the pioneer in introducing a formal code of ethics and the same is being followed in letter and spirit.
We wish S.K.Niazi a Godspeed.