Frequently asked questions

  • What is official name of the project?
    Paradise City is the official name of this project located near New Islamabad International Airport.
  • Why Smart City?
    In view of growing housing demands in the twin cities, FDHL intends to build a quality housing project on M2 Motorway near New Islamabad International Airport falling on the eastern route of CPECThe Region’s All-Purpose Hub Located on Motorway (M2) with close access to new Islamabad International Airport and twins Cities. The Home of Luxury, The Center of Now Unmatched Facilities
  • What is exact location of the project?
    Project is located in Mouza Chahan & Mandwal, Rawalpindi on Motorway (M2) near the new Islamabad International Airport.
  • What is FDHL?
    FDH is one of the leading real estate developers and asset management company operating in Pakistan to develop new state of the art Paradise city with a focus not only to give luxury living but also equal economic contributions. Through strategic investments, innovative urban planning and life cycle asset management, FDH creates integrated communities that embody international standards of sustainability with a strong commitment to quality.
  • What about Surbana Jurong?
    Surbana Jurong (SJ), the Singapore based consultancy firm, was then appointed Master Planner for CSC. Headquartered in Singapore, SJ is presently one of the largest Asia-based urban, industrial and infrastructure consulting firms, providing one-stop consultancy solutions. SJ’s motto ‘Building Cities, Shaping Lives’ reflects its belief to – Create spaces and infrastructure services where people live, work and play. – Shaping cities into homes with sustainable jobs where communities and businesses can flourish.
  • Approx. length (Km) of Roads in Housing Project?
    Total road length in the housing area is 210 km approx. and 23.51 km in Overseas Block.
  • What are sizes of roads in the society?
    • Minimum size of the road is 40 feet.
    • Width of Central Boulevard is 400 feet.
    • Other Main Roads are 180 feet, 150 feet, 120 feet, 100 feet and 80 feet.
  • What is %age of Roads of total land?
    Roads are about 34.89% of the total land.
  • What are sizes of Sewerage pipes for the total length of Sewerage lines in society?
    Length of Sewerage line is from 9 inches to 60 inches of diameter is about 431 km in total area but in overseas 34.50 km.
  • What is the length of water supply lines in the society?
    Length of water supply lines is 487 km whereas in the overseas block is 30 km approx.
  • What is the water source of the project?
    Water source is confirmed to WASA and RDA, through an very intensive investigation process called ERS and test bores. Subsoil water is found on site and nine turbines are already working while 40 are yet to be placed.
  • What is the timeline for complete development of the society?
    We will require approx. 5 years to complete infrastructure / horizontal development. Few mosques, primary schools, clinics and grocery shops will also available within 3 years for people starting their houses after possession. However, standing on our commitments of delivering before time, phase wise possession of property will be commenced from last quarter of 2020.
  • How much machinery/equipment is initially deployed for development work at site?
    Initially, we have deployed over 400 equipment / machines. These are increasing day by day. In peak time there will be more than 550 machines working.
  • How much workforce is initially deployed for development work at site?
    Currently over 2500 people are working on site. However in peak time it will increase to 5,000 persons per day, which will include machine operators, heavy and light Driver’s, masons, carpenters, steel fixers, carpenters, helpers and labourers.
  • How many blocks are planned in the society?
    We have planned 8 Nos. of Neighbourhoods and 6~8 blocks in one neighbourhood. So in total there will be approx 50 blocks .
  • What is the source of water required for horticulturist?
    Water required for Horticulturist is approx. 0.7 MGD (million gallon per day), will be provided from the small dams already exist on site. Rain water will be collected and stored during moon-soon and winter rains in these dams. As per last 50 years rain data record collected from diff. Departments, we can get from our site and surrounding areas approx. 287 MG water in one season
  • What is the source of portal water required for the society?
    Potable water for housing and other areas will be provided through tube-wells to be installed at the lower side of dam Chahan and in river Sill. We need about 60.8 MGD water for housing and related commercial areas when fully developed.
  • How many Overhead & Underground Water Tanks are planned for water storage?
    We will require approx. 45 overhead tanks of 100,000/- gallons and approx. 150 underground tanks of 400,000/- gallon capacity each for storage.
  • What is the ratio %age of surcharges on late payments and when it will be applied from?
    All late instalments are subject to a surcharge as per terms & conditions mentioned in the booking form.
  • How to get e-Challan Form to deposit amount in the nearest branch of designated bank?
    Please follow a few simple steps to complete the payment activity : 1) Download eChallan (pdf Form). 2) Proceed to deposit due amount in the nearest branch of the mentioned Bank. 3) Submit eChallan (duly stamped) choosing one of the following modes : a) eMail to  (cc to b) Choose Paradise city e-Services to share payment evidence online. Note: Payments will be posted in property ledger after verification in Bank Statement within due course of time. For any further queries, please don’t hesitate to write us on
  • How to share payment evidence for quick verification?
    SHARE YOUR PAYMENT TRANSACTIONAL SLIP(S) TO PROCEED PAYMENT VERIFICATIONS After successfull payment transaction through any payment mode, please share the evidence online through our online e-Services to proceed quickly for transactional verification in Bank Statement before posting to the Payment Ledger of the concerned Property. Submit any payment evidence choosing one of following modes : a) eMail to  (cc to b) Choose Smartcity e-Services to share payment evidence online. Note : Payments will be posted in property ledger after verification in Bank Statement within due course of time.
  • What is the cancellation / blockage criteria of a Membership?
    All members whose two instalments are unpaid till 15th October 2019, their files will be blocked and cancelled as per terms & conditions agreed at the time of booking and refund will be made within 6 months.
  • When the first e-Balloting was held at site?
    Note : 1st e-Balloting conducted successfully on 21st December, 2019 at project site. Search results are available online on below link at official website :
  • Which Sectors / Zones are included in the first Balloting programmer?
    Following Zones / Sectors are included in the first balloting criteria :
    • Overseas Block-I
    • Executive Block-I
  • What is the criteria to choose the location on Map without going into balloting?
    • Already paid upfront 100%.
    • Already paid upfront 50%.
    • Already paid upfront 40%.
    • Anyone interested to choose the location on its own later has to pay additional 40% apart from due installments
  • What is the basic criteria for balloting eligibility?
    All Overseas & Executive Block Members must pay all their due installments by 15th October 2019. Please be kind to note that since these will be limited number of plots, hence, Company will issue an acknowledgement receipt confirming that you will be eligible for balloting in first phase.
  • How to un-block Plot Location?
    Location of Plots are “Blocked” due to non-payments and over dues. Clear all outstanding dues to un-block plot location to avoid the refunding policy is applied.
  • When would second Balloting Program be scheduled?
    The second balloting program for Capital Smart City project will be scheduled in 2021.
  • How to apply for POSSESSION of a Plot?
    1. Member will apply for SOD & PDCS (Statement of Dues & Post Dated Cheques Statement) from BCD (Building Control Department) on Computer Generated Letter.
    2. Before applying he has to pay Possession fee and will attach Deposit slip along with the application.
    3. BCD will issue SOD & PDCS and member will pay accordingly.
    4. Now member will apply on the prescribed application and will attach following documents: –
    1. MS letter &/or Allotment Certificate (Copies)
    2. CNIC (Copy)
    3. Affidavit
    4. Postdated Cheques (PDC)
    5. Fee / Charges deposit slips
    1. BCD will process his/her application and get approval.
    2. BCD will approach the applicant to visit and get on ground Possession and Possession Letter.
    3. Now member is to apply for drawing and permission of services for construction.
    4. Member is required to start construction within 6 (Six) Months from the date of handing over possession, Otherwise He/She has to apply for re-possession.
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  • What is the latest processioning policy announcement for Overseas-I Block A & B ?
    Building Control Department (BCD) has been established both at our F-11 Head Office and at site. In order to facilitate the members, following may please be noted: –
    1. Members who apply for possession after clearance of outstanding installments within possession month will be allowed to pay Extra Land ChargesPrime Location charges in 4 quarters. Extra Land charges and Prime Location charges supposed to be paid in one go but due to current economic conditions, Management has decided to split the payment in 04 quarters for convenience of members.
    2. Development charges will be paid in 04 quarters, 1st Quarter along with Possession. However, any member who starts the construction work on or before 10th April 2021, as an extended facility development charges payment plan will be extended to 06 Quarters. Moreover, if any member completes the Grey Structure and outer finishes before 12th January 2022, development charges plan will be extended by another 01 quarter.
    3. Extra Land charges will be paid in 04 quarters, 1st Quarter along with Possession.
    4. Prime location charges will be paid in 04 quarters, 1st Quarter with Possession.
    5. Utility charges will be payable at the time of possession.
    6. First 25 residential plot members (each in Block A & Block B) who starts construction will be given 50% discount in development charges
      1. Half of the development charges waiver will be reflected in payment plan after completion of foundations works.
      2. Another Half will be waived off after completion of all construction works.
    7. Moreover, Management has also extended the facility to provide Architecture (by DSA – Dubai) and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) drawings to the member for villa design. It will save the member approx. Rs: 200,000 to Rs: 300,000 depending on size of property.
    All clients are requested to please contact Customer Support Centre for further information. For clarification, development charges are immediately applicable on all members of Overseas Block – 1, Sector A and B without any condition to apply for possession. In case of lump sum payment of development charges, 5% discount will be given on development charges and in case of 50% payment of development charges, 2.5% discount will be given on development charges.Toggle Content