Established in the year 2001, SRN Media caters for the most sensitive, responsible and comitative segment of the Pakistan market “Journalism”. SRN Media is currently running three national dailies and one monthly.

Grand Inauguration Of Paradise City Islamabad

Ribbon Cutting ceremony


Naya Rukh Urdu Magzine

The basic ethics behind SRN Media is to provide the population of Pakistan with fact based, above board and competent coverage of local and international events. SRN Media for this purpose has hired some of the most competent of the market, whose unbiased journalistic efforts has made SRN as one of the most trusted name in Pakistan.


Roze TV

After having resounding success in the field of newspaper, SK Group has now focused its attention on conquering the higher competitive world of television. A license has been granted to SRN Media for lunching its own news channel by PEMRA in 2008. The construction work is in hand. State of the art technology is being procured for this channel and by the grace of Allah the test transmission of the channel will start soon.