What is the latest processioning policy announcement for Overseas-I Block A & B ?

Building Control Department (BCD) has been established both at our F-11 Head Office and at site. In order to facilitate the members, following may please be noted: –

  1. Members who apply for possession after clearance of outstanding installments within possession month will be allowed to pay Extra Land ChargesPrime Location charges in 4 quarters. Extra Land charges and Prime Location charges supposed to be paid in one go but due to current economic conditions, Management has decided to split the payment in 04 quarters for convenience of members.
  2. Development charges will be paid in 04 quarters, 1st Quarter along with Possession. However, any member who starts the construction work on or before 10th April 2021, as an extended facility development charges payment plan will be extended to 06 Quarters. Moreover, if any member completes the Grey Structure and outer finishes before 12th January 2022, development charges plan will be extended by another 01 quarter.
  3. Extra Land charges will be paid in 04 quarters, 1st Quarter along with Possession.
  4. Prime location charges will be paid in 04 quarters, 1st Quarter with Possession.
  5. Utility charges will be payable at the time of possession.
  6. First 25 residential plot members (each in Block A & Block B) who starts construction will be given 50% discount in development charges
    1. Half of the development charges waiver will be reflected in payment plan after completion of foundations works.
    2. Another Half will be waived off after completion of all construction works.
  7. Moreover, Management has also extended the facility to provide Architecture (by DSA – Dubai) and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) drawings to the member for villa design. It will save the member approx. Rs: 200,000 to Rs: 300,000 depending on size of property.

All clients are requested to please contact Customer Support Centre for further information. For clarification, development charges are immediately applicable on all members of Overseas Block – 1, Sector A and B without any condition to apply for possession. In case of lump sum payment of development charges, 5% discount will be given on development charges and in case of 50% payment of development charges, 2.5% discount will be given on development charges.Toggle Content

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